The Story Behind our Seal

The Story Behind our Seal

My Logo
My logo is my story. Being a welder by trade, I built many things, including wood-burning furnaces as I have a passion to capture and channel heat for my own purposes. Making maple syrup is another hobby of mine that requires controlling heat to bring the syrup to its perfect
consistency. So, it is no wonder that channeling and controlling heat through grate and flame is one of my passions.

The Lamp
The lamp signifies family to me. Both my grandparents had bars in the basement of their homes, each having their own bar lamp on them. These lamps were the centerpiece of family gatherings around holidays especially. If fact, as a young boy I thought all grandparents had a bar in the basement with a lamp on it. The lamp is a reminder of family gatherings, especially over the holidays. I am in possession of both those lamps I mentioned. How lucky am I!!

The Charles Street Sign
I invited friends over for a party, and on their way to my place they came across a street sign lying in the road from an earlier car accident. As they picked it up to remove it from the road, they noticed by chance that it read “Charles Street.” Naturally, it was a sign (pun intended) that
they should bring it to the party. I have had that sign since the late 1980s and it has occupied a place of honor in my shop and home ever since. That sign gives me great comfort.

Where Great Flavors Call Home
As the Charles Street logo was coming together, I needed a tagline. So, like so many times with my recipes, I invited a handful of friends over to get their feedback. We sat around the table and bounced ideas and thoughts back and forth. After some time, it finally coalesced around “Where
Great Flavors Call Home.” That tagline signifies my friends as they helped create it. Indeed, I am lucky to have the friends that I do.

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